Strenghthen and Stramline your sales management.

We customize the platform quicly and in a simple way with your the image of your company. You will be able to manage the publications of magazines, products, videos and users from a Administrator Web.

Creating a new publishing

The new publishing is created from PDF or images from the Administrator Web.

Products and Videos are asociated to each of the pages from the master data previously uploaded.

The users will have acces to the app once the launching date is configurated.

Automatic Distribution

Once the user install the mobile app, the will get a notification from the new available publishing; acoording to the previously configurated launching dates.

Optimized download

Images will be downloaded while the users shifts pages, avoiding delays and taking the most advantage of the memory space.

Publishing in the Mobile

The publishing can be visualized,. You will visualize the products and configurated pages.

You can add notes to each page.

The cart allows to add products from the pages which promote them.

Place orders

When closing the shopping cart an e-mail is send to every e-mail address previously configurated (details and notes).

Simple integration

Orders are integrated to any inner system; automatizating the uploads and minimizing the reception time.

General functions


Mobile configurable app aesthetics: Name, Logotype, Links to Social Networks.


Products master, Videos, Sections and Userss, for different publishings.


Organization of the pages by configurable sections.


Registration of users and relation with their Liders and Distributors.


Search of Products within de publishing by Name, Description or Code.


Automatic manage of Activation and Deactivation by configurated date.


Multiple active catalogues in one device, with cart manage by each publishing.


Sale or Purchase publishings: to send an order to your distributor or company, and sales to your clients.


Once the publishing is finished, the "read only" mode is kept in the notes.


Possibility to share the contents of the publishing in social networks.


Local notifications to alerts about orderless publishings, or publishing next to the expiration date.


Historic order consultation with details.